Product Review of the UTG Messenger Bag by Leapers

Review of The UTG Tactical Messenger Bag


Here at RulesForRebels.Com in addition to all things business from time to time we like to do a product review or lifestyle feature so today were bringing you a review of the UTG Tactical Messenger Bag by Leapers.

If your anything like me you like the product sections in magazines like GQ, Maxim, and FHM, but probably have little use for a $2,000 GPS unit that will help you climb Everest. I know I have no plans to summit anytime soon.

Here however, we have a useful and affordable product recommendation and review for you. It’s the UTG Tactical Messenger Bag.

Are you constantly on the run? Never able to find your phone, lighter, cigarettes, phone charger, MP3 player? If so this bag is perfect for you.

Smaller and easier to carry around than a full size backpack but tons of storage and a great EDC (every day carry) bag. It’s the perfect medium between a full size backpack and one of these dainty little man purses that hold a wallet and cell phone.

If your friends are anything like mine they probably have a laundry list of not so PC names to call you if they ever saw you carrying a “purse.”  Probably not the case with this bag since it’s also marketed as a concealed carry bag and has a rougher more tactical look to it. It definitely won’t be mistaken for a “European Carryall.”

This bag is almost an exact replica of the Maxpedition Fatboy bag, which can sell for 3x the price of this bag. I don’t own a Maxpedition bag however I have heard from others who own both that this is nearly the same quality for a fraction of the price.

This bag would be useful for pretty much everyone. Whether just an everyday bag to carry around your gadgets, a range bag, or a photography bag this bag does it all.

I personally enjoy using this bag when riding my motorcycle. I don’t have saddle bags and it’s neither comfortable or safe riding with your pockets full of crap so this is a great bag to carry around everything I need while out riding.

This would also make a great work bag if your constantly in and out of your car or in and out of places. I can see this working great for a truck driver who’s constantly in and out of his truck or a home inspector who needs to carry around a few tools, notebooks, measuring tape and other tools.

The bag can be purchased at a variety of places. We have it here at RulesforRebels.Com if you take a look at the Amazon widget on the right side of the screen.

It can also be picked up at the Cheaper Than Dirt website, Amazon, or EBay where I picked up this particular bag from Ebay user military_warehouse.

I would highly recommend this user, the bag was packaged nicely, arrived quickly and I got it for a great price. I also received a coupon for 10% off my next order as well. If you’d like the coupon leave a comment or e-mail me and I’ll send you the 10% off coupon so you can pick up this bag for yourself.

In full disclosure I make 3% off Amazon items you buy from my widget. On this bag that would be a whole 0.60 cents so I’m not going to steer you wrong for a little kickback. I also have no affiliation or affiliate program with military warehouse was just happy with the products I bought from them.

Now let’s get to the bag. This is smaller than a backpack so easier to carry around but holds a decent amount of stuff unlike these dainty little wallet/cell phone holder purses you see sold on eBay, Amazon, and other sites.


This bag isn’t quite big enough to hold a full size laptop but would easily fit a kindle or mini laptop. It also holds a ton of other gear. If your planning on using it as a range bag it can hold upwards of 30 pounds of ammo, guns, accessories, glasses, etc.

I was really wanting a Maxpedition Fatboy but couldn’t justify the hefty price. I’m sure the MaxP’s are really nice but as I mentioned, from what I’ve heard this is nearly the same quality for a fraction of the price.


This is extremely functional for an EDC. Overall I am quite pleased. The item is large enough to carry a kindle, water bottle, blackberry, MP3 player, charging accessories for all your devices, wallet, camera, sunglasses, sunscreen, rain shell, cigarettes, lighter, you get the idea.

It’s an ample EDC in almost any environment. I have only had mine for a few weeks but plan on this lasting for a while and at the price you could buy several of these before equaling the price of a Maxpedition bag.

I don’t want to bore you going into depth and describing all the pockets and the multiple uses for them but visit our Youtube Channel Rulesforrebels and you can see pictures and a video of the bag. There’s also some pictures of the bag being worn, I haven’t seen any other videos or reviews of that and I know I was very interested in seeing how the bag is worn, how it fits, etc.

I will give you just a quick rundown of the bag though. There’s tons of hooks and Velcro on the outside where you could attach a watch, compass, or another bag. I can only see using these to say “Look, I’ve got a bag, attached to my bag, and it has another bag in it.” Aside from being able to say that I don’t see a lot of functionality to this but hey maybe some people do.

The pocket on top is perfect for sunglasses, motorcycle riding glasses or range safety glasses if you use this as a range bag. The side pocket is great for keeping pens, cell phone, mp3 player, etc.


The water bottle pouch holds a 32oz water bottle and has a metal grommet at the bottom which is nice is your water bottle spills or sweats the water can drain out.

There’s the conceal carry pouch with Velcro inside to hold a Velcro holster. There’s also a front pocket above the release to open the bag that’s perfect to keep a wallet in.

Open the bag and you have a sleeve to hold a small book or other things. You have a zip pocket with a second key clamp in addition to the one on the strap. You also have some nylon webbing to organize things in this pocket. The main pouch has a draw string enclosure to keep things from falling out of your bag.

The nice thing about this bag is the small size however this also limits you somewhat in what you can carry. It’s by no means a full size back pack but you can keep a change of clothes if you roll them. This pouch would also carry a kindle or a mini notebook laptop.
Just to give you an idea of the size I had a tough time fitting a magazine in there. It fit but I had to have the magazine going diagonal direction because the height of a magazine is too tall to sit in there and for the pouch to still close.

There’s a similar bag on the market you can find on Amazon called the Tactical Hipster. When I first saw this product I thought hipster meant hipster as those urban dwellers. You know, the ones who wear the tight nut hugger jeans, Chuck Taylor Converse All Stars, grow a beard, and drink Paps Blue Ribbon and Old Style even though they don’t like them but because it’s a hip thing to do.

Yeah it doesn’t refer to that kind of hipster, I believe its called the hipster because the bag actually sits on your hip. I mention this because this is how the UTG Tactical Messenger bag sits.

It sits on your right hip. This is nice as it’s comfortable, the bag is in your view so it’s harder to steal from you like someone could from a backpack. It’s also a perfect position for the bag to sit for me while riding motorcycles.

The quick release works nice with the bag position as you can easily hit the quick release buckle to release the bag and get stuff out of it rather than trying to swing it over your head which can be a pain in the winter when your bundled up.

With Christmas right around the corner this bag would make a great gift. The price point is excellent as well incase your in a gift draw type thing with family or friends where the maximum you can spend is around $25. This bag after shipping and everything is pretty much $28 or a few bucks less regardless of where you buy it.

Check out our Youtube Channel Rulesforrebels for a video review. Do you have this bag? Do you like it? Do you have this and a Maxpedition bag? If so how do they compare? Were always interested in hearing from you so leave a comment or e-mail us!!!


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  2. Replies
    1. I was wondering what side the shoulder strap is on. From the photo it looks like it goes over the right shoulder and the bag hangs on the left side. I just want to clarify before I purchase. Thank you

    2. Yes you are correct it does go over the right shoulder if you want to wear it as a backpack. It's also sort of meant to be worn on your hip as well and it will sit on either shoulder if you want to wear it on your side.I like this bag, a little larger than I like I wound up buying a smaller bag for just running around town but this is a great bag for something bigger than a little bag for ciggs, phone and wallet but smaller than a full backpack.

  3. I've seen these bags on ebay and other sites and was wanting to get one but couldn't really tell the size or how it hung on your body. Awesome review, thanks for posting. I think I'll be purchasing one.

    1. No problem, I had the same questions when I was goin to buy the bag so wanted to address those items for others.

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