Amazon FBA: Print Your Own FBA Labels PDF Template

Print Your Own Amazon FBA Suffocation Labels Below

If you're not a reader of my blog and a follower of my Youtube Channel I'm guessing you have an FBA Shipment to send in and have run out of suffocation labels or accidentally ordered polybags that didn't have the suffocation warning.

If you're a reader of my blog or a watcher of my Youtube Channel you're probably looking to learn more about FBA or how to send in shipments. Most Amazon items that aren't boxed are "polybags". Amazon requires any polybag with an opening 5" or larger must have a suffocation warning either on the bag, or a sticker applied to the bag.

suffocation labels
Print Your Own Suffocation Labels For Amazon FBA

I typically order polybags where the suffocation warning is printed right on the bag itself, and personally I prefer it that way. One less step in the packing process and also no chance of it comming off like a sticker might.

When you're in a crunch however, you can always print your own suffocation labels on 30 up stickers that you probably have lying around your home or office. Below is a link to a PDF Document which contains suffocation labels which fit perfectly on a 30 up sticker sheet. You can print the labels yourself and apply them yourself.

If you're wondering where to purchase 30 up lables, I typically buy these ones off of Amazon...

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